Whether the young horses were bred in La Tuilière or bought at an early age they will be produced in the best conditions in order to reach the highest level possible and will later join the stables of Mark and Charlotte if they are not sold before.

Under the management of Nico MORDASINI every effort is made to ensure that the young horses are bred and trained in respect of their physical and mental integrity.

Located 30 minutes by car from La Tuilière, foals from 0 to 3 grow up in a dedicated place of 100 acres of flat fields where they have all the space they need to grow up peacefully.


  • BABYLONE TUILIÈRE – 1,45m with Loic Mordasini (FRA)
  • VALENTINO TUILIÈRE – 1.60m with Mark McAuley (IRL)
  • UNIVERS LA TUILIÈRE – 1.50m with Maartje Verberckmoed (BEL)
  • TI AMO TUILIÈRE – 1.50m with Patrice Planchat (FRA)
  • STAR LA TUILIÈRE – 1.55m with Kara Chad (CAN)
  • ROMANTICA LA TUILIÈRE – 1.50m with Charlotte McAuley (SWE)
  • LEX TUILIÈRE – 1.55m with Santiago Lambre (MEX)

Are expected in 2021:

  • El Barone 111 X Maliska (Cornet Obolensky X Bufero Van Het Panishof)
  • Chacco Blue X Normandie des Joncs (Diamant de Semilly X Hidalgo de Riou)
  • Comme il faut X Onde Champeix (Vondéen X Jalisco B)
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